Actioxin | Oxygen | Tiredness | Memory | Cerebral oxygenation

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Contraindications: People with hemochromatosis (too much iron in the body) should not take this supplement. Do not take along with iron-based supplements.

Presentation: 30 ampoules.

Composition (ampoule): 660mg Vitis vinifera (red vine leaves, liquid extract 1:3); 660mg Vitis vinifera (fruit with seeds, liquid extract 1:3); 500mg Malus pumila (apple, titled extract); 12mg Vitamin E; 600mcg Hydrogen peroxide (2% hydrogen peroxide solution); 110mcg Selenium. Anti-oxidant: l-ascorbic acid; Preservative: sorbic acid; Sweetener: Stevia extract.

Dosage (unless otherwise stated by the therapist): one ampoule per day, on an empty stomach, before breakfast, diluted in half a glass of water.


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