Qing Liang You (extra strength) Balm | Muscles | Joints


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Qing Liang You (extra strength) Balm for muscles and joints is prepared from precious, high-quality natural ingredients. The secret of this balm lies in its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, giving a beneficial and pleasant warmth.

For sore muscles and for suppleness of joints.

Warning: Should not be applied to irritated skin, mucuous membranes (in the nostrils or mouth) or the eyes. Caution should me observed in using the balm on young children.

Presentation: 20g.

Composition: 38,2% Paraffinum Molle Alba, 20,5% Paraffin; 14% Menthol; 9,5% Eucalyptu globulus; 8% Mentha piperita; 4% Camphor; 3,8% Flos caryophylli (Eugenia caryophyllus); 1% Cinnamomum cassia; 1% Cinnamomum camphora.

Application (unless otherwise stated by the therapist): Using the stick, roll the balm onto the desired body parts several times daily. Covering the body parts after application will increase the warmth and lengthen the time of its efficacy. It may be used in the warm up before sport activities and as a soothing relaxant after sport activities.


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