Orthodol | Modulation of pain | Analgesic | anti-inflammatory

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Product Description

Presentation: 30 tablets + 30 capsules + 30 sachets.

Composition (tablet + capsule + sachet): Vitamins » 800mcg Vitamin A (retinol), 4mg Vitamin B1, 5mg Vitamin B2, 40mg Niacin (vitamin B3 / PP), 4mg Vitamin B6, 8mcg Vitamin B12, 600mcg Folic Acid, 18mg Pantothenic acid, 150mcg Biotin, 500mg Vitamin C, 5mcg Vitamin D, 60mg Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), 75mcg Vitamin K; Minerals and trace elements » 187,5mg Magnesium, 14mg Iron, 10mg Zinc, 500mcg Copper, 60mcg Chromium, 75mcg Molybdenum, 82,5mcg Selenium, 3mg Manganese, 150mcg Iodine, 400mg Calcium, 18,7mg Silicon; Phytonutrients » 400mg Boswellia (containing at least 60% Boswellic acid), 300mg Green Tea, 262,5mg Ginger (containing at least 4% essential oil), 100mg Turmeric (extract 95% curcumin), 80mg Resveratrol, 30mg coenzyme Q10; Essential fatty acids » 1000mg Fish Oil Omega 3 (350mg EPA + 250mg DHA).

Dosage (unless otherwise stated by the therapist): one sachet per day (diluted in water or fruit juice), preferably after lunch. Take one tablet and one yellow capsule, together with the content of the dissolved sachet.


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