Terms and Conditions

Espaço S is dedicated to the sale of food supplements and other products in the areas of health, wellness, beauty and personal development, and operates as an online store through its website and as a physical store at the address given below. Here are the main Terms and Conditions by which we rule.

1. Pricing and availability

The prices at this online store ( are all presented in euros (€).

All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate and will be considered valid at the payment of the order, even if they are shipped or picked-up later by the customer.

Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalogue may be mispriced. If there is a mispriced item, the customer will always be informed. If an item’s correct price is higher than the price on our online store, the customer is given the choice to choose whether he wants to keep the order and buy the item at the correct price, or if he prefers to cancel the order. If an item’s correct price is lower than our stated price, we will charge the lower amount and, in the event that the customer has already paid the order, the difference will be refunded.

All the promotions and special campaigns are exclusive to this online store and cannot be combined with existing campaigns on other sales channels.

The prices shown for each item in this online store don’t include shipping and handling service.

The shipping and handling service will be calculated upon order checkout. (See information in paragraph 2.)

All items shown at this online store are subject to stock availability, but the customer will always be contacted in the event of unavailability. To avoid the need for refunds, we ask customers to pay only once they receive stock confirmation.

2. Shipping service and orders pick-up

2a) Shipping method

All orders are sent by CTT (our national postal service).

When delivering to Portugal (mainland and islands), we ship the orders by priority mail (prepaid orders) or registered mail (cash on delivery orders).

When delivering to other European countries, we ship the orders by registered international mail.

Espaço S ensures orders will ship the same day (working days), as long as we have stock and the order confirmation (cash on delivery) or payment proof are received until 4pm. After 4pm, orders will be shipped on the next working day.

Espaço S cannot be held responsible for any damage occurred in shipping. We accommodate the articles in the best possible way, inside internally padded envelopes with plastic bubbles or in properly packed boxes with air bags or plastic bubbles.

2b) Shipping service costs

The shipping and handling service includes postage and packaging.

Shipping and handling service to Portugal (mainland and islands) has a fixed charge of 3,50€ (three euros and fifty cents) for all pre-paid orders. However, prepaid orders over 30 € (VAT included) enjoy from free shipping and handling service.

All cash on delivery orders (service only available in Portugal) have a fixed cost of shipping and handling service of 6€ (six euros), regardless of the orders’ value.

Shipping and handling service to other European countries has a fixed cost of 10 €.

2c) Shipping outside the European Union (E.U.)

Espaço S is not responsible for unauthorized importation of goods in countries outside the E.U. It is up to the customers outside the E.U. countries to inform themselves, in advance, on the terms and conditions of their own country regarding goods importation from E.U. with their Postal Office services.

Furthermore, Espaço S is not responsible for any hold at the customs, or for the payment of taxes or import duties resulting from the specific legislation of the countries outside the EU. Customers should inform themselves beforehand about their own country legislation regarding any costs they may incur.

2d) Orders pick-up

It is possible to pick-up an order at Espaço S’ store, in Oeiras – Portugal in the following address: Rua Raúl Proença, nº 5 A, 2780-290 Oeiras, Portugal.

Once the order is ready to be picked-up, an email will be sent with all the details, including the best schedule for a successful pick-up.

3. Payment methods

We have several payment methods available for both national and international orders.

3a) National Order: orders placed in Portugal can be pre-paid by bank transfer (3a1), ATM reference (3a2) or Paypal (3a2); national orders can also be sent with cash on delivery payment (after having confirmation, post order, via direct contact with the customer, thus avoiding sending orders that are no longer wanted). When picking up at our office, payment may be made in cash or ATM.

3a1) Bank transfer. After the payment, the bank transfer proof must be sent via email to Espaço S ( Your order will only be processed upon receipt of said proof.

3a2) ATM Reference and Paypal. After the payment, Espaço S promptly receives an automatic notification. Orders are processed immediately. It is not necessary to submit proof of payment.

3b) International order: orders placed abroad can be pre-paid by bank transfer (3a1) or Paypal (3a2). Espaço S does not send cash on delivery orders to other countries.

4. Returns and refunds

The return policy follows the provisions in Decree-Law No. 143/2001, in particular Articles 6th and 8th.

5. Discount coupons

Espaço S may issue discount coupons. The code that is given must be entered in the field “discount coupon” when checking out your order.

6. Privacy policy

Please, check the new “Privacy Policy” section.

7. Espaço S’ Newsletter

Espaço S’ Newsletter” is the name given to the comunication via email sent directly to the Customer’s email address, which may include digital promotional offers, institutional newsletters or any other relevant information.

7a) Subscription: The Customer has the possibility to subscribe to Espaço S’ Newsletter, even without placing an order, filling out a subscription form to our Mailing list (online) or signing a declaration of consent (in the physical store).

7b) Consent: Customer’s email is only added to our mailing list at his/her own request, freely expressed and in writing (in paper or in digital format), or by filling out a subscription form to our Mailing list.

7c) Purpose: Espaço S will use the information provided by the Customer in the Mailing list form, only to send the mentioned Espaço S’ Newsletters, according to the preferences that the Customer chooses when completing the form (may choose one or more options), among the three possible:

» Online Store (new products, promotions, free shipping campaigns and subjects related to the products and supplements we sell in the online store)
» Therapies / Events / Workshops (available and held at our facilities in Oeiras, Portugal)
» Institutional (general notices: change of facilities, contacts or schedules, holiday notice and other information regarding our company)

7d) The Rights of the Data Holder: The Customer reserves the right, at any time, to cancel or edit its subscription preferences, using, for this purpose, the links available in the footer of all Newsletters sent by Espaço S, or by writing to: The Customer may also, at any time, request access, alteration, rectification or forgetting of its data.

7e) Duration of the processing of personal data: Espaço S is responsible for processing the personal data of the Customer, as long as our business relationship remains active,  with all due respect for its privacy and with all necessary security measures, or until the Customer exercises its right to cancel the subscription or request the deletion of its data.

7f) Personal Data Sharing: We only share the Customer’s data, from the newsletter subscription form, with Mailchimp, or another certified newsletters platform that, like us, complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and apply all necessary measures to the security of our database. Espaço S undertakes not to transfer Customer’s personal data, collected through the subscription to the newsletter, to any other entity.

7g) Data security: Espaço S has access to the said Mailchimp database, but it is not hosted on its own server, nor on physical support in its facilities. For greater security, the Mailchimp database only exists on properly protected Mailchimp servers.

8. Applicable law

To the Terms and Conditions here presented, Portuguese law applies, governed by the District Court of Lisbon, rejecting in advance any other jurisdiction.

About food supplements:

1. Food supplements are not medicines.

2. The information on this site is intended only for educational purposes and not intended to replace in any way the professional medical advice.

3. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

4. The images assigned to each product may not exactly match the shape of the product concerned. You should always check the additional information provided in the article page (composition, presentation, dosage, etc.).

5. These statements have not been evaluated by the ministries of health and consumption and are not intended for diagnosis and / or treatment, cure or prevention of disease.

6. Should consult your doctor or health care professional for diagnosis of medical problems or prescribed treatments.

7. Do not exceed the recommended daily doses in each product, unless otherwise stated by your health care professional.

8. Shall keep them in a cool dry place in its original packaging and temperature below 25°C.

9. Must preserve them from heat and light.

10. Should keep them out of the reach and sight of children.

11. Not recommended for people allergic/hypersensitive to any of the other product ingredients and/or when interactions are described between any of the constituents of these supplements with any other product already taken by the customer.

12. Pregnant women, nursing mothers or people who are taking any medication, should consult their doctor before taking any supplement.

13. Should consume the product preferably within the expiration dates written on them.

14. Do not consume supplements if they show that they have been violated, including security seals and / or damaged packaging.

15. Should consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

We request that you periodically review these Terms and Conditions, as Espaço S may update them at any time.

Updated on May 25, 2018